The Moveup Way


When we founded Moveup in 2001, Richard Etz and I had a clear idea of how we wanted to deliver transparent, active and quality-assured recruitment processes. Our way of working has been tested and confirmed for almost 20 years now.

Since the start of Moveup we have recruited more than 1500 people to exciting roles at companies within life sciences and IT/technology. Over the years, many of our candidates have become our customers, and some of our customers have become our candidates.

 As part of our refreshed company branding project, we have tried to articulate and introduce a new way to present ‘the magic sauce’ that characterizes our recruitment process. We call it “The Moveup Way.”

So, what is “The Moveup Way”?

To be honest, it’s not rocket science. It’s quite simply a down-to-earth description of what we do best: full project management of recruitment processes.

 1.      Start-up

The start-up is a meeting with our customer to discuss and agree on all the requirements for the particular job. Together, we create a job profile and we set the time schedule for the recruitment process.

Even if our method is search or headhunting, we place job ads on our website and also on LinkedIn. We also send a target e-mail to everyone who subscribes to our open positions.

2.      (Re)Search

Then we soon get moving in the most critical phase of our process: the research and specific search. At this point, we map all the relevant companies where we can potentially find the most relevant candidates. This leads us to our long-list of potential candidates to approach. 

We approach them by phone or e-mail to inform them about and attract them to our open position. We have a weekly follow-up meeting with our customer to calibrate the profile and to share relevant updates.

3.      Moveup interview

We select candidates from the long-list and end up with a short-list of qualified candidates. All these candidates are interviewed by phone to determine who will be called to face-to-face interviews with us. This is where we really get to learn more about the potential candidate: What experience do they really have? How do they communicate? What lessons have they learned?

At this stage, all our interview candidates get a professional presentation of our customer’s company and the position. Our mission is to thoroughly evaluate the candidates and get them interested in the specific job opportunity.

4.      Personality profile

After a face-to-face interview with us, we then use Master to do a personality profile (MPA) and/or ability tests on selected candidates.

5.      Candidate presentation

Normally, we introduce four candidates to our customer. Each candidate presented to our customer could fill the role and is motivated and ready to move on in her/his career.

6.      Customer interviews

It’s time for our customer to meet the final selection of candidates. We set up the interviews and make sure the right people are in the right place at the right time! 

Most often, our customer chooses two candidates to progress in the recruitment process. We follow up with all candidates and make sure that everyone has a positive experience of the process, even those who are not chosen at this stage.

We arrange a second (and sometimes third) round of interviews with the customer and, if requested, a case presentation from the final candidates.

7.      Reference check

We’re getting close! Now it’s time for us to check references. Today, we use a digital reference tool, much appreciated both by our customers and reference givers. No problem if the reference givers want to do this via phone. We ask the same questions to all the reference givers and challenge them to really give us their honest feedback.

8.      Employment contract

Based on all the input from us, our customer can now make a well-informed decision on the best-suited candidate for the role. It’s time to negotiate the salary and benefits.

We make sure our customer always knows the candidate’s current salary and/or expected salary. With our strong knowledge of the market and our support to drive a transparent process, we provide all the support needed to bring the process to a successful conclusion. Our customer sets up the employment contract. Everyone signs. And we are all good to go!

After every assignment, we make an evaluation and get feedback from everyone involved in the process. Again, we want everyone to have a positive experience of the recruitment processes we manage. This could be useful for future opportunities.

After three, and again after six, months, we follow-up on progress and make sure the recruitment was successful. During this time, we also provide our customers with a guarantee that we will provide them with a new candidate if things don’t work out the way we all expected.

So, “The Moveup Way” is not rocket science. However, the way we manage the whole process, from start to finish, and the way we manage all the customer-candidate communication, are the main ingredients in our ‘magic sauce.’

Experience. Passion. Quality. That’s what we stand for!

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