R&D Cosmetic Formulation Chemist


As an R&D Chemist you will be a part of the product development team. You will be positioned in the lab, and work partly in the lab and partly in front of the computer. You will report to the Chief Innovation Officer and work in close co-operation with the Project Management Unit, Sales Unit and Production Unit. You are a very important part in the whole new product development process. You are responsible for your projects, from meeting the customer together with your team and the very first version made in the lab, till the first successful production batch.



Your most important tasks:

  • As an R&D Chemist at Hardford you innovate, bring forward and develop new technologies (formulations) and products that you then formulate in the lab. The role requires you to be flexible in your tasks. Some weeks you will work mostly in the lab and some weeks mostly in front of the computer, depending on your projects’ timelines.
  • You will work with different cosmetic galenic formulations, including emulsions and surfactant systems, in skin care/hair care/sun care applications.
  • You are responsible for all the required documentation for each product, for creating the documents, for checking that the documents are in accordance with internal, external, and regulatory requirements.
  • You perform stability tests on the products, and you will arrange all the other required tests necessary for the product.
  • You will evaluate, analyse, and approve raw materials and products. You have good knowledge in raw materials and can source new innovative ingredients.
  • You will develop instructions for manufacturing for the products you are responsible for and participate in the upscaling of the product in the manufacturing.



  • You work meticulously, methodically, and efficiently. You are a quick learner and can easily adapt and dedicate to new information. You can follow written or oral instructions.
  • You are used to continuously documenting your work. You can argue for your ideas and thoughts. You like improvements and you also come up with new ideas for improvements.
  • You like cosmetic products; you use cosmetic products, and you are genuinely interested in the field!
  • You have a university degree, in cosmetic science, chemistry, food chemistry or other suitable field of application.
  • Experience from developing cosmetic products is an advantage, but not a must have. Other relevant experience will be considered.
  • You are fluent in English, written as well as spoken.


This is for a permanent contract. The position will be filled as soon as possible.


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