About us

Moveup has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. With reputable partners in Norway, Denmark and Finland, we cover the entire Nordic market

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Moveup Consulting AB has 20 years of experience in search and qualified recruitment. Our recruitment assignments are primarily in the business sector in our specialist area –  Life Science.

We know your industry and we know what it takes to be successful in a new job. Moveup works with both Swedish and Nordic recruitment assignments. We create long-term relationships based on openness, mutual trust and respect for both our clients and candidates.

Moveup has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. We enjoy close relationships with excellent collaboration partners in Norway, Denmark and Finland, so we cover the entire Nordic region.


Working with recruitment requires a high degree of confidentiality. This applies to all information that our customers and candidates share with us.

Each recruitment should be a positive experience for the individual candidate. We therefore ensure that all candidates receive quick and clear feedback. We attach equal importance to treating everyone equally and fairly.

All personal data is processed under strict confidentiality and we follow GDPR standards and regulations.

Stable financing provides long-term security

Moveup is a privately owned limited company owned by key employees. The company has no loans, is profitable and does not depend on any individual customer, which guarantees business continuity.

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Global Partnership with SpenglerFox

The powerful partnership created by SpenglerFox and their global network of affiliates ensures that we offer a wide range of talent services that have been designed to support our clients, wherever they operate. It also ensures that we maximise our reach and performance in the ever changing and demanding global marketplace. To learn more about SpenglerFox please visit https://www.spenglerfox.com/