Global partnership

Moveup has long been able to offer qualified recruitment in the entire Nordic region. Given that many of our customers are global, we have also had a stated ambition to find a solid partner with establishment in Europe, the US and Asia. After careful consideration, we have now signed a cooperation agreement with a global recruitment partner.

The choice fell on SpenglerFox, which we have known for a long time. We have collaborated in a few recruitments but are now entering into a more formal collaboration where we also get access to their very experienced search consultants around the world. Thus, we can also give our existing and new customers a complete solution that is not limited to recruitment only in the Nordic market. At the same time, we become a natural partner to SpenglerFox when their many customers want establishment and strengthening their positions at our home ground.

Choosing SpenglerFox as our future partner felt just right because they stand for much of our values and priorities in their work. More information about SpenglerFox can be found on their website,

If you want contact regarding recruitment outside our Nordic borders, please contact our CEO, Tom Bergqvist, on telephone +46 733 – 87 27 22 or e-mail:

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Time to stop "fake employer branding". Many companies talk about being transparent, but few are.

New co-operation agreement with a global search partner gives us opportunities to recruit even outside our nordic borders. At the same time, we become a natural partner for foreign companies that want establishment and expansion at our home ground.

As part of our refreshed company branding project, we have tried to articulate and introduce a new way to present ‘the magic sauce’ that characterizes our recruitment process. We call it “The Moveup Way.”